Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Go Sarah!

Damnit, I need to be blogging more often. I haven't touched it since god knows when. Particularly in light of the two election campaigns going on.
I absolutely love what is going on south of the border, where the 08' presidential campaign has become all about the Rebublicans number two, Sarah Palin. Say what you want about her so-called inexperience, her conservative politics, her family turmoils, but the Alaska Governor has thrown the left for a loop and almost completely derailed the Democratic campaign.
All the celebrity "mithering" about Palin, Madonna being the latest today, suggests that the Hollywood left and its ideological brethern are decidedly unnerved by this nomination. Think about it. Its been five weeks since McCain announced Palin as his running mate and we've heard scarcely anything about the three other principals in this campaign - particularly Barack Obama. Its all about Palin's supposedly "crappy" interviews, or the daughter that was supposedly her granddaughter, or the "shotgun" wedding of her 17 year-old daughter, or the Tina Fey impersonations (which are actually quite funny), to the urban myths about her being a book banner (huh?). From the Obama campaign? Nada.
Does everyone remember the lavish coronation at Denver's Mile High Stadium at the end of August? It was an affair fit for royalty - nay a second coming: Roman columns, an adoring throng of 80,000 people. celebrities with diamond-embossed glasses spelling out O-b-a-m-a...everything but the theme from Jesus Christ Superstar. And then...nothing. The very next day, Sarah Palin enters the campaign and most people, myself included, haven't even heard of her.
Clearly the Obama campaign - and the left in general - was unprepared. And this is why all semblance of decency has gone out the window in some of the opinions expressed, including this tripe from Maureen Dowd (which I can't believe I'm even linking). A writer for CBC news' on-line edition suggested that Palin resembles a "porn star" in a piece that was subsequently pulled off of the net by the broadcaster. And we thought poor Hillary Clinton was a victim of sexist attacks?
The polls suggest that Obama may weather this storm and win the November election. However, I for one have been gleeful to see the Dems and the left in general squirm and turn into world-class hypocrites in their attacks the personality who has come to dominate the campaign.