Sunday, July 30, 2006

Baby Liam is almost here.

Geez, its been a while.

Won't be long now until we have little baby Liam. He could come any day.

What's new since I last wrote? Italy won the World Cup (doh!!!!), Israel and Hezbollah are bombing the shit out of each other. Everyone's whinging because Prime Minister Harper is taking a pro-Israel stance ("honest brokers" my arse!!!!).

I finished coaching with Hamilton Olympic Club for the time being (until I've had a year or two getting used to being a daddy!!!). It was tough to leave, but I think I've left a stable of athletes in reasonably good shape. I even had a school athlete (Sir John A. Macdonald in Hamilton) win an OFSAA medal (silver in the senior girls triple jump!!!!!). Yippee!!!!

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