Sunday, May 09, 2010

Ranking R.E.M.s albums from 1 to 14...just for fun

Here, in my humblest of estimations, are all 14 of R.E.M.'s albums of original material ranked in order from best to not best (because you can't use "worst" when describing a band the magnitude of R.E.M.).

1.    Life's Rich Pageant

2.    Automatic for the People

3.    Accelerate

4.    Green

5.    Reckoning

6.    Out of Time

7.    Document

8.    Murmur

9.    Monster

10.    Fables of the Reconstruction

11.    Reveal

12.    New Adventures in Hi-Fi

13.    Up

14.    Around the Sun


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  1. Who is this and how did you end up on my Google reading list?!? J/k, nice to see a new blog post stranger.