Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Good morning and Good 2006

Hello. Welcome to my "blog". Hope you enjoy my rants, meanderings and whatever else it is I see fit to write.

I hope to focus on the following themes, if any interest the reader: Canadian politics (Conservative I am, but I'd vote Green if I had a second choice, or if there were some convoluted form of proportional representation in Canada), sports (track mostly, if anyone still cares) and pending fatherhood. If anyone reading this knows me, my fiancé, Cathy, and I are expecting in August. Yipeee!!!!!

Just a short introduction for now. I shall be writing much more later but am on the way out now to pick up some groceries for an ailing Cathy (sinus infection), myself and our expected.

As I finish this, the Conservatives and Liberals are tied in the polls three weeks in advance of election day, the Leafs are on a six-day winning streak (take that, Sidney Crosby!!!!!) and Leeds United look well poised to make jump back to the Premiership next August. And you gotta' love England's group for the World Cup this summer!!!!!!

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