Wednesday, January 04, 2006

That was/This is Dinsdale, by the way.

I guess I should have identified the young lad to the left of me in my previous entry. He's Dinsdale, the retired racing greyhound. He's been my (and our) companion for almost seven years.

I got him through a group called Greyhound Lovers of Hamilton-Wentworth. He's from West Virginia, where his less-than-stellar racing career lasted all of eight weeks. He was retired at the age of three and a half and then came to live with me (now us) in Dundas. Even as I blog, he's sat here on the carpet at my feet, scrounging for another handout from this evening's turkey dinner, that Cathy was so kind to make for her sister, brother-in-law, nephew and myself.

Speaking of West Virginia, sad news about those 12 miners who were killed in the explosion. And awful about the families believing they were alive and safe for more than three hours!!!! People are quite angry about that. I hope they can find it in themselves to forgive those responsible for giving them the false hope, so they can get on with grieving for their lost loved ones.

There was an interesting interview with a local man the morning after the confirmation of the miners' deaths. He spoke about the time where they believed that only one person died and that the other twelve were safe. When this news had broken, the Pastor in the Church had asked people to come forward and pray for the man who had died, who had been identified. Of the hundreds in the church, only about four people came forward, including the man being interviewed. The rest of the people there were too busy dancing and shouting in jubilation about their loved ones who had survived. The gentle soul who being intereviewed could not understand it. For, in his opinion, although he had no kin involved in the tragedy they were all his brothers, just like the interviewer was his brother, as was the cameraman.

And we continue to hold the so-called "Christian right" in such contempt.

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